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Darkness: The 10th anniversary

10403498_10152660479346060_2429173016049520799_n 10513373_10153043345138448_7949083984020458526_n 10534564_10153043373598448_615540859710788600_nWe’re back from SiS and I guess all of us agree we had a fantastic time again. In Weidenthal we feel kind of home and in the last years we have written quite a lot about SiS on this blog, so I won’t go into detail to much. Hanging out with the gang in the BWR-camp at the middle of the festival area was great fun and so was the riding.

Some of us joined the singlespeed race a couple of hours before the actual nightride/nightrace. This time, the SSP-fun took place on a really flowy singletrack course up in the woods where we had to ride laps and drin Pfälzer Schorle.

At the nightrace afterwards I felt we lived the right spirit, somewhere between fun and racing. Our crazy soloists Ausilia, Mandi, Kalle, René and André did impressive distances with up to 160Ks. Ausilia won her category and Mandi, Kalle and René podiumed (the latter being punished with non-alcoholic beer). The Fatbike-team with Michael, Phil, Rick and Sheldon seemed to have a lot of fun and “the slow bastards” consisting of Mat, Jelle, David and me fucked it up at three in the morning – which acutally was really funny and at least brought Mat and me some Malteni beer during the race. Rüdiger also seemed happy after his ride in a one-person-2er.

Guys, that was great – see you soon!


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And finally Bensheim

The last race of my Cyclocross season was the Deutschland Cup in Bensheim one week ago. After a long debate between rationality and stubborness I decided to do the drive up to Hesse although I had been ill the two weeks before the race and couldn’t ride a single meter. During the practice laps a little pain in my sinuses still reminded me at every pump in the course that I probably wasn’t in best shape ever. Strangely, as it turned out the race obviously helped me to get better. The longer it took, the better I was able to breathe and on the morning after I felt completely recovered.

But enough of sinuses and colds – this is a race blog. The course was not top-class but allright and with quite some elevation for a cross circuit. My favorite passage was a run-up over stairs where the only fast option was to have the bike on the shoulder in Belgium style.

So, off we went and little Christian was back in race modus. I pushed myself to the limit and tryed to stay there, but had to find out this was still a bit too much. Soon enough I had to scale it down to 80% and did my job at the end of the field. In the end, it was a fun day and I came in on position 24 of 27. Not a good result, but I know it was way under my limit.

That was my season. Given the time available for racing and training I am pretty happy with it. Now Christmas can come.

Have it good out there


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Welcome to Swabian Hell


Photo copyright Dirk 🙂

After the desaster of Mannheim four weeks ago I was really hot for another Cross Race. Last Saturday it was finally the day of our home-match here in Stuttgart, where one of the local clubs organises a race of the national cyclocross series every year. However, until Friday evening I wasn’t even sure whether I would ride there or not. First, I had a slight cold and second there were some organisational issues in the way. Lastly I decided to ignore the cold and to work around all the other stuff. So, we went there quite early in the morning to register, afterwards I went off to pre-ride the slippy and tricky course. Due to all the loose grass on the track it was sure that the main problem of the day would be to keep the derailleur hanger on the frame.

It was really cool to see all those people who had turned up here in Stuttgart: Sandra and Ken Bloomer from Crema Cycles had come up from the Allgäu, Dirk had done the drive from Freiburg and the local Stuttgart gang around Bicicletteria was here as well of course – all together 64 (!) people stood at the start line of the 40-minutes hobby race, which is more than in the pro category during the afternoon, and made the first minutes a little survival trip.
As I had registered only an hour before the race I had to start at the very end of the field, but nevertheless it worked out great! I was able to keep touch with the people around me for the first two laps and then started to overtake. It felt a bit like being part of a video game, working myself up the ranks and at the same time making sure not to crash, keeping the pace exactly at my modest limit. As I heared the bell for the last lap I really gave all and finally got a little reward: After DFL in Mannheim four weeks ago, I was on place 34 of 64 here in Stuttgart in the end and, apart from that, really had great fun during the race.

vaihingen 2Have it good


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Cross Time again!


The first race with the new team kit did not exactly go as planned. We went up to Mannheim to do the Star Cross there which every year marks the beginning for the Cyclocross season in Germany. As it turned out, the organizers there are super friendly and the 2-k course is exactly as I think a Cross circuit should be: Some passages twisty, but also speed in it and some really tricky little descents.

The day started with my friend Bekka ripping her rear derailleur out of her one week old frame – bummer! And well, it went on like that: The Hobby-guys, including me, started together with the Pros and around half way through the first lap I crashed in a muddy corner. I needed some time to sort it all out and so I had lost the field. I spent the rest of the race chasing the other unlucky ones and managed to get at least two of them (who later gave up unfortunately). But not enough: Close to the finish one of the Pro guys decided he had to scream ugly stuff at people he was overlapping. What the hell? If you start shouting “HEY! HEY! HEY!” thirty metres away don’t expect us to vanish in a millisecond, but either tell us “Right!” or “Left!”. One of the guys directly in front of me tried to tell him afterwards. Things got even worse and in the end those guys (well, more the Pro guy than the other one) were really close to beat each other up. Never had that at a cycling event, never want to have that shit again.

Oh, here are more picks of the lame duck in the cool jersey.

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New Team Kits

bwr kit 2013

Our new teamkits are here. It shows a new BWR logo and represents our cool sponsor brands Just Pedal Bike Shop, Osprey, Crema Cycles, Supernova and Spok Werks. Christian Cotterman took care of the design and Phil Fogg was the project manager for producing, ordering and distribution (write the story down and send it to the next university, they will award you a Ph.D. for that!). Thanks to both of you!


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Big Wheelers at the Singlespeed World Championships


Wow, it’s already two weeks ago that we have been to the 2013 SSWC in the Aosta Valley, Italy. We had a really cool weekend there, extremely nice bunch of people and some great riding. An SSWC course facing such impressive mountains and glaciers will really have its place in our little racing history. Thanks a lot, Marco “Yoda” Nicoletti (teammate and SSWC chief organizer) for all your efforts to put to together this great event.

We had a really strong BWR group present. The above picture shows, from right to left: Ausilia, Sheldon, Rick, Michaela, Seba, André, Phil and Christian. Jelle is somehow missing, if I remember correctly he took the picture, and Marco is missing as well. At that time he was busy steeling 200 wheels.

And it’s time again to thank our sponsors: Geax tires took us round the challenging 32-k-course safely, Supernova made sure we had a little sun with us during Friday’s nightride, Osprey  and Biciclista made us look so sexy.

And here’s a video by Sheldon, showing some of the best parts of the race.

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This young gentleman…


…has just finished the GST. Congtratulations from the team, not only to you Michael but also to Phil, who rode close to the finish in a very good and constant pace but unfortunately had to give up due to injury. Great job you two!

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