Apparently even though I write drivel elsewhere….

I haven’t done anything here ever. So here goes a little post so I will no longer not have any posts.

A trail in VA, but very similar to what I rode in Ohio! Good times.

The Mohican 100(K) is the last race I have done, and it went well for 55 miles. The last 7 didn’t. I came through the last aid station in 5th (I believe) place after cruising the course because I didn’t want to blow up and get a really bad time. Once I realized my placing I turned the effort up past 10 and took a wrong turn. Okay, the turn wasn’t marked and I had no idea I had gone the wrong way and as much as I want to blame everyone else (and the race organizer does bear some responsibility) it was ultimately my fault for plowing ahead when I thought I might be going the wrong way. Anyway the last 5 miles of the course (because I rode over 11.5) took me two and a half hours. I went through the last aid station at 5:30 and I finished at 8:14. It was not good.

To add insult to wrong turns, I am listed as a DNF in the official results, likely as they think I didn’t do the entire course and rode the road back to the finish line. Not true, I did the entire stinking course and am still trying to get my 16th place….. it hurts to type that because I think I really could have had a 5th place finish. Oh well, next time.

As for stuff that I use from sponsors, my White Brothers fork worked very well. It kept my face from hitting the dirt and soaked up enough of the bumps so my hands, shoulders and arms felt good at the end of the race. Pactimo shorts kept my rear from any kind of discomfort and looked good as I got lost! Lastly My Stans rims (USA is where I live now but the FRMs are very good too), goop AKA Stan tubeless goop, and tape worked well keeping my tires round and me from having any flats.

I will post a bit more as time allows, and as I feel the need. I miss the Euro scene. With luck I will be back for SiS. Fingers crossed. Ed

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  1. Wow… crazy times and great post. We miss your mug here too!

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