Big Wheel Racing is a multi-sport racing team consisting of Mountain, Cyclocross, Road biking, and also Triathletes. Team members will participate in all forms of racing including but not limited to Mountain bike, Cyclocross, Road Racing, Triathlons and various forms of Endurance Events. Other events could include local, nation and occationally worldwide 12-hr, 24-hr, and 100-mile cycling Endurance events. We will have members throughout Europe and race locally as well as throughout Europe.

Big Wheel Racing members will also contribute to local cycling and multiuse trail advocacy efforts, and we plan to participate in local, regional, and national, mountain biking races, rides, events, and festivals. We seek to maintain and also create new partnerships with sponsors who share our interests. The following information will provide you, a potential Big Wheel Racing Sponsor, with information on the team, its members, and what we seek from sponsors.

Big Wheel Racing wishes to continue development of our team and through active promotion of the group, our principles and activities, and by wearing team racing apparel not only at races and events, but also when training. In addition, Big Wheel Racing seeks sponsors to help our team racers by purchasing ad space on the clothing and our website to help offset the very high costs of racing. The ads can be placed on the team clothing apparel, at a location agreed upon with the sponsor for a small fee (300 Euros to 700 Euros, with the price based on placement).

Sponsorship can also come in the form of pro discounts or promotions offered from a company to the members of the group. These types of sponsorships are primarily from national biking, apparel, and nutritional companies, or local service suppliers. In addition, Big Wheel Racing requests that products, coupons for discounts, or other enticements be donated to our team in order to help promote the sponsors business and products. We leave it up to the creative imagination of the sponsor to indicate what they wish to provide. We will perform product reviews and promote the products on our website and individual blogs.

This information is to acquaint you, a potential sponsor of Big Wheel Racing, with the accomplishments of the team, and what we plan to do for the 2010 season! We hope that you will join us!

For examples of how the website will evolve with your sponsorship logo, please see Big Wheel Racing U.S.A. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the blog site.

Thank You,


5 responses to “About

  1. I didn’t see a contact form (did I miss it?) so I figured I’d try this.

    My name is Simon and I recently started a review site for 29er mountain bikes http://www.29eronline.com.

    I came across your site while cruising around looking at mountain bike sites and I was hoping you might throw up a link to us.

    We try to give straight reviews about products and will buy bikes and parts rather than feel like we have to give something a good review. We try to be up front about any biases for or against a product we might have and we’ve been recruiting a bunch of riders to help us with the reviews so we can get a good cross section.

    Anyway, I know you are probably not wanting to read some long drawn out email so thank you in adavance and if you could let me know what you think about linking to us one way or another I’d really appreciate it.



  2. frank

    Good evenning Michael,

    HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF JUST SELLING YOUR NEW SHIRTS AND PANTS ‘?…I’d probably take one as a 29-er fan…

  3. Hi Guys,

    Just came across your site so thought we would send you a short note from the SSWC2012 organising team.

    As you may know, SSWC will be hosted in South Africa in September this year and we are in the process of drumming up international interest in the event. We were hoping that you would be open to help promote the event to your mailing list so please have a look at http://www.sswc2012.co.za and our Facebook page ‘SSWC2012 – South Africa’.

    If you are keen to join in for the fun and bring as many of your countrymen as possible, please drop us a mail and we can continue the conversation.

    One Gear, More Beer.


  4. We all know just about all there is certainly to know about the particular S-bend.

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