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It’s time to CROSS!

The leaves are falling and the days become shorter and shorter – it’s the time of the year where we can meet for cyclocross! And that’s what we did last weekend. Ken Bloomer, the man behind the inspiring Crema Cycles, had set up his Crosstoberfest in a little village close to the Austrian border. It was a brilliant day with a very relaxed atmosphere and perfect weather, full of racing, meeting cool people, chatting about cycles and cycling. Also we had the chance to see some of the most beautiful (and fastest) cross bikes availabe. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Ken and Crema Cycles without some cups of the best Espresso you can imagine.

Oh, I should probably say something about the race as well. Petra won the women’s category – wooohhooo!!! Well, she was the only woman, but nevermind, not having been on a bike for weeks she fought herself over the course and has definetely earned her Biciclista shirt she got as a price. And me? Michalis from Zürich had borrowed me a wonderful cross bike that I used on the the course. I rode, I run, I finished, I managed not to puke and I had a lot of fun!

[All pirctures copyright Ulf Kress.]

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