Jelle Tienstra – Netherlands

I am living in the Netherlands with my wife and two kids. Part time working as a software engineer, part time as bike (web)shop owner.

I was infected with the bike virus since I was able to ride a bike, and it never left. After my youth in Den Helder, which is one of the most North West cities of the Netherlands, I went to Wageningen, the Agricultural capital of the Netherlands studying Agricultural Engineering. This is where I got my first proper bike and where they learned me to ride and fix it, working @ the Local Bike Shop, one of the most well known bike shops of the country at that time. This is where I started riding the Belgium marathons and my yearly trip to southern Swiss for the Grand Raid Cristalp. At that time I started converting my first bike into singlespeed, and for some reason I did not look back. After my trusty steel Trek broke I got my first singlespeed specific frame and (beside some small projects) never looked back. After this 26″ frame I got my first 29-er, which finally solved my issues of the small wheels compared to the big frame/long seat post 🙂

Fast forward untill present, I have a still growing (web) shop for singlespeed, fixed gear and 29-ers and still love riding and working on bikes and parts.

Riding one of the local Berg races 2009

Me doing what I like best 🙂

3 responses to “Jelle

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  2. Don’t forget to tell people about your online shop too.

  3. Looks very nice Jelle, hope you have fun this year. Don’t forget to tell about the tubulars!!!!! ; – )

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