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Like a Country Song Played Backwards…

Since my last post in January I have had a quite exciting and stressful time, but so far I think I managed to come out at least even and only very rarely had to sacrifice my riding.  Although my 29er Stumpjumper was stolen on March 23rd I was able to ride my 7 speed steel Hercules Stadtrad throughout March and April.  I got a handful or more of 100km rides on this bike and if anything it gave me a taste of longer road rides again since the tires are semi-slicks and I seriously had only ridden my 29er for the past 13 months.  Once the spring started first week of April I started riding long sunday road rides with a local pelaton and was able to hang on 100+ km rides with the road bikes on my Schrot.  A couple shots of the Schrot in its prime habitats.

At the same time, a link from my call for help email to the BWRE group came through with a sweet Bergamont 6.1 frame equpped with XO/XX 10-speed and a Reba that is good enough for training and racing.  Thanks Ralf and Martin!  Once I got the fit dialed in I basically started riding every Midevil village, Singletrack, Hansa Stadt, or hill on the landscape that was within riding distance.  I logged one of these here:

There are 2011 and 2012 Bergamont 29er Revox reviews available and both were pretty true to the review after riding it for over a month now.  I am just glad to have ended up with a great ride after what happened.

2011 Revox,

2012 Revox,

I also got a job as a bike mechanic at Stadler in Berlin.  Ironically, the pelaton I had been riding with the past month was out of this shop so its been a good fit so far and I have an instant crew to ride with and will have enough dough to travel to a couple three races before SIS.  I am working 3 full days a week which gives me 4 days off to ride and recover, do my research and whattever else.  And to top it all off, last week I came across a used aluminum Trek SLR road bike through the shop and snapped it up.  Riding road again has been AWESOME since its been well over a year.

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