Marty Dudel – American Ex-Pat

Marty at 12 Hours of Külsheim
Marty after SiS 08 - Thanks Longo
Marty after SiS ’08 – Thanks Longo

Marty will tell you about himself soon.

Results ’08

2 responses to “Marty

  1. Marty

    Sorta update… the tire with CaffeLatex and slime started to loose air after a month, every three day I would have to pump it up, the tire with pure CaffeLatex held, no problems…
    I pulled the tires yesterday and put Hutchnison Bulldogs on them and they aired up with no problem, used pure CaffeLatex this time.

    The CaffeLatex/Slime wheel seemed to seal the big holes faster but then I started to get seepage around the bead, especially around the stem. It was a goo that never really dried, the CaffeLatex tire had solid latex at the bead interface.

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