Lowlands Racing

June will be racing month here in Holland, at least, for me!

After the Euros in the UK (sorry, ‘forgot’ to do a proper write up for that, but I wasn’t first and there were lots of sheep involved) it was a little slow at the racing front, very busy doing what I like second best, and also less riding as I hoped..

After a nice tour ride last Saturday, topped of with a Alley cat in hilly Arnhem, last Wednesday was the first race in our annual local pre-summer competition, and it was fun as always. I got in third of the non licence riders, after a steady first place in the last years races. To bad, but still it was a great race. Short lap, but some nice technical parts, steady climbing (ask Singular Sam, Holland is not flat 🙂 ).

This Sunday we will have one of our Bergraces again, the course that was used for the 2005 Euros singlespeed, with lots of climbing, some very nice stairs (one walking up, one flying down!!) and lots of enthousiastic people cheering the riders. Weather looks like a friendly 23 degree sunny day, so perfect for some biking fun!

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