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Wow…that didn’t take long

Get used to seeing this smiling face. My buddy Jochen answered the call for new racers on BWR Europe. Strangely enough, I’ve known Jochen longer than almost anyone else in the cycling scene in Europe. We met a few years ago in Switzerland at the Swiss Singlespeed Championships. He’s a really great guy, super easy going, very fit and very fast, especially when his competitive streak kicks in. I spent a week with Jochen last year on our Gardasee tour. Even when he’d done a lot of damage to his bike in an endo, he remained calm and smiling. He rode his ailing bike back to his car, got everything taken care of and met us later in the day to continue riding with us for the rest of the week.

Jochen is one of the moderators at our favorite European 29’er forum ( which does have English speaking and now a French speaking forum as well.

There’s probably more that I could say about Jochen, but I’ll leave it at that. Basically…. WELCOME or WILKOMMEN!

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Searching for new members….

We’re a very small (in Europe) racing team based around 29’ers. We’ve had a hard time finding people with 29’ers as well as those willing to race on a somewhat regular basis. Seems alot of folks want to race once or twice a year. However, we’d like to see you out there at least monthly racing (not always seriously) to represent our sponsors.

If you’re at all interested. Get some more info. by clicking for the U.S. team and for the European team. We’re looking for people throughout Europe as well as potential sponsors.

You can always contact me directly through the website or through email which you can find here.

Thanks…. Michael Cleveland (aka Wunnspeed)


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