Bergrace Oosterbeek NL

So we have this race series by an independent race organizer, and he happes to have the 4 best race courses of the entire country. I missed the first one because we wanted to do a touring trip that day, the second race was at the same day of a family meeting, but this 3rd race I was free to go. After receiving de Fathers days presents of the kids, mommy took of with the kids for a horse jumping race, and I  prepared for the race today. There are 3 races during the day, one 150 minutes, then the 75 minutes followed by a 105 minutes race. Normally I do the 75 minutes race, short and intensive, but as I wanted to get home in the afternoon again today I took of for the 150 minutes.

As I did not do to much training lately my goal was to finish. Which I did. I  took of last en after the first climb I could pick the right pace and do my thing. I was lucky enough to have one of the guys supporting a friend who kindly offered to hand me some drinks and food during the race, so I could keep going without getting of the bike to pick up bottles and bananas. It turned out I started at a perfect pace, slowly passing lots of riders and at the end finishing 89 out of 143 starts. Of course I was lapped by the fast guys, but I was very happy with this result.


Picture by Sikke @

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  1. phillipfogg

    Great job Jelle! Sounds like yyou had some fun! I nned to get over to the Netherlands and do a race.

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