I’ve discovered my passion for wheels a long time ago. I got my first bike at 5 years old, the second one was a 24″ bonanza on my first 10 in First Grade at school. Since then I got in my head one thing only: racing. Biking and racing in the neighborhood with my friends. We had numbers, like at the race cars, mounted on the handle bar.

In the winter of 1992 I started to ride more serious and tried to get more information in specially on mountainbikes. I got ‘virused’ really soon, after my first race. Since then I raced pretty much, important or less important races, with good or no so good results. Even today I race with all my heart. my biggest passion is off road, but I raced a lot on road and even cyclcross.


I’ve discovered the 29er in 2006 and since 2007 I ride only 29er bikes, sometimes even single speed. My best result, considering the importance of the race was a 5th place on 62km in 1999 in the woods of Spessart. In 2009 I am planning to stay healthy, to ride with passion and fun, on my 29er and on the road. I also would like to try the 650B, and I guess that the results will come by them self.

2 responses to “Gabee

  1. Gabee’s 29er disease is also contagious… I met him, we rode and I decided to go BIG wheeled. I’m running on a 29er thanks to his advice and a lot of techincal discussion and have to say I don’t regret shifting to 29″ at all!

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