Christian F.

Christian Förster – Germany

I’m living in Munich and I started biking around 15 years ago. First I did some Cross Country Racing in the youngster’s, junior’s and later men’s category. But as that sort of races became more and more professionalized I switched my attention to self-supported “Alpencross”-Tours and in the last years came back to racing through the legendary “Schlaflos im Sattel”. When I do a race I try not to measure my success or failure in terms of results or lap times too much. My philosophy rather is to give everything I can at every race, no matter what that means in relation to others and to have a good time out on a course that I find somehow challenging.I have an affinity to bikes in a classical style, preferably made of steel. This year I am doing my racing on a rigid Singular Swift Singlespeed, built up with a brand-mixture of reliable parts.

And here’s a little history of my racing career in the midpack:

1997-2001: Local Cross Country Racing in the youngster’s category, first marathons

2001-2005: Self-supported Alpencrosses and other bagpacking rides

2006-2007: Bad years in terms of riding…

2008: Back on bike – Schlaflos im Sattel (4 rider team)


Schlaflos im Sattel (2 rider mixed team): 11 laps and mid-pack

Ischgl Ironbike middle course : sub-four-hour finish (which is a pretty good time for me ;-))

Odenwald Bike Marathon long course: it hurt terribly, but I finished


Fränkische Schweiz Bike Marathon middle course: good pre-race-dinner!

Tegernsee Marathon C-Course: felt great that day, nice finish in reasonable time

Munich 24 hours (8 rider team): rode myself into a sunstroke, one of the dumbest things I ever did on two wheels

Sauheld-Cup: It was a teamrace and my teammate cancelled last minute. So I did it alone and managed not to come in last. (=second dumbest thing I ever did on two wheels)

Schlaflos im Sattel (2 rider men): Place 9 with 14 laps

Ischgl Ironbike: Crash on last descent -> rolled into finish -> hospital -> knee operation -> end of season


Katzenbuckel Marathon long course: Great but hard race, first time on a singlespeed

Tegernsee Marathon B-Course: 351st of 706

Munich 24 hours (8 rider team): Great barbecue, had fun on the course!

Rothaus Bike Marathon Singen Long Course: Managed to survive the time limits, only SSPler

Traithlon Waiblingen: Short track triathlon, it was worth a try

Schlaflos im Sattel (2 rider team): Muddy – nuff said.

Crosstoberfest: Cool event, didn’t feel particularly well that day

Weißwurstrennen Külsheim: Took 2nd Singlespeed, wooo-hooo!

2012 so far:

Frühjahrsmarathon Münsingen: Very fast race, did well (for my standards) on the SSP

Veringendorf Marathon: Nice course, had a bad-shape-day however

Munich 24 hours (4 rider team): We really managed to do quite well, heavy rain from 2 am onwards, race cancelled at 8 in the morning

Schlaflos im Sattel (mix of two different 4 rider teams): Fun!

Pfälzer Wald Bike Marathon Long Course: Great course, full of singletracks, incredibly hot day with 38 degrees

CXploring Frankonia: Long Track Cyclocross through Fränkische Schweiz, Northern Bavaria

Cyclocross “Rund um die Radrennbahn” Mannheim: Did really well, came in midpackish

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