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And finally Bensheim

The last race of my Cyclocross season was the Deutschland Cup in Bensheim one week ago. After a long debate between rationality and stubborness I decided to do the drive up to Hesse although I had been ill the two weeks before the race and couldn’t ride a single meter. During the practice laps a little pain in my sinuses still reminded me at every pump in the course that I probably wasn’t in best shape ever. Strangely, as it turned out the race obviously helped me to get better. The longer it took, the better I was able to breathe and on the morning after I felt completely recovered.

But enough of sinuses and colds – this is a race blog. The course was not top-class but allright and with quite some elevation for a cross circuit. My favorite passage was a run-up over stairs where the only fast option was to have the bike on the shoulder in Belgium style.

So, off we went and little Christian was back in race modus. I pushed myself to the limit and tryed to stay there, but had to find out this was still a bit too much. Soon enough I had to scale it down to 80% and did my job at the end of the field. In the end, it was a fun day and I came in on position 24 of 27. Not a good result, but I know it was way under my limit.

That was my season. Given the time available for racing and training I am pretty happy with it. Now Christmas can come.

Have it good out there


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Burning a lung at the Weißwurst Rennen

Todays race was exceptionally hard, I was riding my single speed fat bike, the Surly Pugsley. I haven’t weighed it but I’m sure it weighs somewhere around 14 – 15 kilos. But it’S fun to ride! More so when the surface you’re riding on is soft and deep, like snow, sand and mud. Today we had no snow and no sand but a little bit of mud. I found out that the big 3,8 Nates can be leaned way over in slippery turns and still have enough traction to rail the corner.

So after four laps and 20 km I finished in 5 place in the single speed category out of 7. Not real good but then again I was at a fat disadvantage. It was fun though and that was my main goal. 2013-12-01 17.01.132013-12-01 12.13.46

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