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A very quick update…

We’re proud to announce a couple of new sponsors.

We’ve added Geax Tires and Crisp Titanium to our list of sponsors for ’09.

Crisp Titanium Website and Crisp Titanium Flickr page.

I have been a huge Geax fan for years. The tires just work. Their really well made, look great and I have to say they seem to be lighter than most other tires in their class.

As far as Crisp. Well, check out Darren’s work and I’m sure that you’ll be amazed at what he turns out.

I’ve updated links as best I can. Still waiting on confirmation from a couple of companies but we’re hoping to have things nailed down by early next week so that we can get the uniform design off and have uniforms in a few weeks (hopefully, in time for my first race in late March).

Thanks so much to our new and old sponsors for their support. We hope to do our best to “do them proud”!

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