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Funny T-Shirt and a new Team Member!

A photo of Martin stolen from our friend Phaty.

A photo of Martin stolen from our friend Phaty.

That above photo is what I believe to be a direct response to this.

Waltworks is selling these

Waltworks is selling these

All dressed up and nowhere to go

All dressed up and nowhere to go

In other news, we’ve added another new member. His name is Justin Koppa and he’s another American. If you’re from Colorado or New Mexico you may know him or his wife Angie (who is on Velo Bella race team). From what I can glean, the man is rocket fast. I think that he’ll be another great addition to our team. Maybe somewhere down the road, we can get Angie on Big Wheels as well.

Justin has racked up quite an impressive resume over the years. Check out below (hopefully, he won’t mind me posting this).

NMSU cycling team 2000-02

Raced for Zia Velo 2002-2007 (famous alum include Ryan Blickem, Bob Desenfants, Steve Castillo)

A few 1st place finishes on a 4 and 5 man 24 hour team at Old Pueblo, 24hr Adrenaline Phoenix, 24 Moab
A 2nd place at old Pueblo  on 5 person, beat by a Sue Haywood team by 20 some odd minutes

10th place Solo, 24 Old Pueblo, Tinker won it, Dave Harris 4th, I was only 1 lap out of 3rd, rode it with  tubes and slime, wish I had stans wheels then.
NM state champion Expert 20-29

1st place Duo 12hr Dawn til Dusk, Gallup NM

1st Amatuer NORBA marathon (where I got my semi-pro upgrade)

9th GC Tour of Gila cat 4 ( use to do a few local road races each year)

while in Grad School, competed at Collegiate MTB nationals in Angel fire again for NMSU, got 15th or 17th in shorttrack, then broke the rear derailleur off in the XC.

I have not only been on the racing end of things, I have also promoted races.  As a member of the NMSU cycling team, 99 or 2000, started the Tortugan Torture race around “A” mountain, then the next year we added a short track.

Promoted the Hillsboro road race, part of the NM road series, when it was in existence.

Started the Horny Toad Hustle in 05, part of the New Mexico Off Road series, then in 06 it was the NORBA State Championship race for New Mexico.

Promoted a 4 race cyclocross series in Las Cruces as la Lorana park on the Rio Grande river in 2006.

Somehow… I think there’s many good things in his future too.

Welcome to Big Wheel Racing Justin!

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New uniforms and new members

Well, today I got a package from the States. It included my uniforms for Big Wheel Racing made my Pactimo which are fantastic! I’ve always been a big fan of Voler bike clothing. I’d previously found that the quality was so much better than any custom manufacturer that I’d seen (think…. Verge which which has never impressed me, especially with their logo being larger than others on the uniform).

O.K., back to the point of my post. The quality and the beauty of these uniforms is fantastic! There’s a reflective strip on the back of the jerseys and the vest. Wow! Can’t beat that, can you? Also, the sublimination is really well done too.

Yes… it’s still raining and raining and raining. Ugh!

In other team news. We’ve added two more folks to the Big Wheel Racing European team. First, we have Ed Husted (that’s him on the poster below) who lives in Italy but is originally from Rolla, Missouri. Next we have Marty Dudel who is also American but lives over my Heidelburg. We’ll be adding some more non-Ami’s as we go on. Please welcome these boys to the team.

Ed is racing in an Italian 24 Hour Series and the first race comes up on Easter weekend. Kera and I might go down and play support crew for him. We need to figure that out.


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