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Just wanted to say hello and at last introduce myself. I was so excited when  Michael kindly invited me to  join  the BWR team a couple of weeks ago and I must send a huge apology for or my delay with my introduction. I am a bit rubbish with the whole computer thing. I just don’t go on them very often  but I will endeavour to be better and make the effort.

 My name is mandi and I am married to Sheldon, a fellow BWR. Sheldon and I live in the UK  with our mad English springer spaniel dog, in an area known as the Cotswolds, which is about an 1 hour away from Birmingham. It is a great place to ride our bikes. I only started riding a bike when I met Sheldon. I didn’t see him very much and so I decided I would join him on a bike ride one day and never looked back. It is now me that pesters him to go out!  

I am lucky to have one or two bikes. One cross bike, all mountain bike,a single speed and a frame that can be a single speed or geared. I love riding single speed and competed in the European solo 24hr race at Newcastleton in Scotland, in may this year. I was the first lady singlspeeder and came 5th in the overall ladies category, with a huge support from Sheldon that got me through it.  I tend to compete in the same events as Sheldon and so normally where ever he goes I will not be far behind him. Even on a climb!!! (only teasing Sheldon)

Unfortunately this summer in Italy I fell off my bike and dislocated my right elbow. I am now riding my turbo for most of the winter until I have completed a physio course. So I am not sure which races I will be entering in the early part of next year, but I will keep you posted.

There was a question regarding why we wanted to be part of a team. I see it as being part of a family of like-minded people who are there also to help, support and encourage each other, in what ever way we can. I really look forward to meeting the rest of the team at some point.  

Take care all of you when out on your bike!




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