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Ultracycling, 300km Switzerland

To change for once on the road bike I have tried together with a bike buddy to do a 300km Ultracycling. Since I never have actually done any road event or even used my road bike very often for anything else than training, I had no idea what to expect. I have been at bike races which were 10 and 11 hours, but this time it was distance instead of mountains.

Well, to make long 12.32 hours short, we have done really good in my eyes. The pace without pauses was 28km/h and with the 4 longer pauses we have done finally slightly short of 25km/h overall. This was the plan and it worked out fine, thanks to Napfgeist, who has done that on twice before already and had perfect tips for the go.

Since the weather stayed dry until 1 hour before end of the race (you see the pouring rain on the picture), we had a brilliant, but also long day on the bike.  Finally we made 306km, 2300 clim in 12.32h. The same event was by the way also qulifyer for RAAM. And when you see slim girls and one-armed guys doing the 720km I can only bow my head…


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