Marco Nicoletti – Aosta Valley, Italy

My name is Marco Nicoletti, I live in Aosta, Italy, near the mont blanc, on the earth of alps.
I ride mountainbikes from… ever! I got my first mtb on my 12th birthday and from this day on I’ve never stopped to ride it!
Now my passion and my job is the same thing: For 14 years now I work in a bike shop, I’m a mechanic and wheel builder.
A one of the first to ride a big wheeled bike in Italy, I’m now a “singlespeed promoter”after all my good results on competition (1st and 2nd position in the 2010 and 2011 “endurance tour”, ever only Singlespeeder at the start vs. geared opponents!)
I like to define myself as a “overall biker”. 2 years ago I’ve ridden on urge cabo verde invitational, only 29er rider close to the fastest downhill and enduro riders (Nico Vouilloz, J. Clementz, Fabien Barel, Mark weir…). Only one year later I’ve won the Wembo 24h World Championship (category master 34-39 years).
Firstly I’m a Singlespeeder (4th place on the last 2 editions of SSEC) but my primary passion is to ride my mountains. Geared or singlespeed no matter, it is most important to go out and ride my bike!
My last race (Hellas Trans mountains) was a great succes: 39hrs of riding with 465km and 13’500 m of elevation gain, nonstop, no sleep, just riding all the time! Good test for my next target: race the Great Tour Divide on 2013!
I like to ski on winter season ( I’m a telemark addict!) but this year i need to try a fat bike on the snow.
On the next 3 years I’ve ridden for niner bikes, and for the next year I have good support from Salsa cycles and the Italian Distributor “raceware”.
I hope to have god time on my bikes and I need to condivide my experiences on this blog, race or only for fun.


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