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BWR Rocked SiS 2011

SiS 2011 is the house!

Well, last weekend was our favorite annual trip to SiS in Weidenthal, Rheinlandpfälz, Germany. If you don’t know where that is, start at Kaiserslautern, go east to Frankenstein (yes, it really exists) and keep going until you hit Weidenthal. It’s a really small town with a giant heart!

Herr Förster being serious about racing

Our heroic friend Ausilia from Italy

I’ve been to SiS (Schlaflos im Sattel) 5 times if my count is correct. From the very first time, it’s been the highlight of my ‘racing’ year. Everytime, I get to see some of my favorite people and reconnect with singlespeed fanatics, team mates and others. Along with that, I get to be part of a truly unique event.

Schlammbein World Tour

This year, was extraordinary for a couple of reasons: 1) I didn’t get to race last year due to injuries but went to watch anyway and getting to in 2011 made me really happy 2) I ended up racing solo for the first time since my first SiS 3) It was the first time it had rained A LOT in all the years that I’ve gone.  It not only rained but it poured and poured and poured. Because of that, the number of people on the race course dwindled at an amazing rate. Some quit simply because it was raining. Others, because it was time to drink beer. People like me, quit because the sandy mud accumulating in my brakes simply ate my brake pads. Considering I just installed new pads last week it kind of gives you an idea of what it was like.

Yuck! Photo borrowed from the SiS blog

My original goal was to just do one lap, judge how I felt and either stop or continue. That was my first goal. Well, after my first lap, I thought “that was a lot of fun, why don’t I do another?” So, I did and did and did until my fifth lap when I started to realize that my brake levers where getting closer to my handlebars with each use. I have Avid Juicy’s which are adjustable and I did so while riding. Then I hit lap number six. Everything went well throughout the lap. Even the long technical downhill that ends each lap and ushers you into the start/finish area. On the previous laps I’d been able to do a controlled skid/slide down the hill but on lap six it was more of a matter of holding the levers of my now completely shot brakes to the bars and make my way down the hill. After that lap I decided that it was no longer safe to continue. My only regret was not being able to continue and see how many more laps I could have done.

In any case, I was quite satisfied with my performance in that I rode as long as long as I safely could without cramping or feeling like I had hit the end of my endurance. The only limiting factor was my brakes.

Christian Förster and his better half Petra

We had fantastic results. Bryce placed 3rd in solo as his longest ride ever, Jelles team placed 3rd in 4’er team, Longos team placed 2nd in 4’er team, Wils team did well as did Christian Försters 2’er team. Most importantly, we had a great time!

Back Row (L to R): Kendall, Jelle, Longo, Christian Förster, Michael Front Row: Bryce, Jochen, Phil Not Pictured but in attendance: Wil

Honestly, the members of the team can’t thank our various sponsors enough. A couple of them that really stand out are Supernova Lights for giving us multiple lights to use for the event, our teammate and sponsor Jelle who owns keeps us in parts, Geax tires for keeping us rolling on dry days and on wet nights like this one was. Others of note, Home Brewed Components, Carbo Rocket and Crema Cycles and for putting us in the coolest uniforms I’ve ever seen.. Everyone of these sponsors had a hand in getting us all safely and happy through SiS 2011. THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HAPPY LITTLE HEARTS!

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Tegernsee Marathon 2011 or How to have one of the worst days on a bike ever!

It only looks like I'm in the lead

As someone who’s ridden and raced bikes for 16 years now, I’ve had my share of bad days (i.e. dehydration during a Flint Hills Death Ride at 100+ degrees, bonking during a race in Mid-Missouri so badly a team mate handed me his only food so I could finish, etc.) but somehow, my recent problems at the 2011 Tegernsee Marathon have overshadowed all of them. It could be that it’s just so recent but it might also be due to not fully understanding what happened.

Speeding by... HA!

Here’s the story. For many months leading up to the race, I’d kept planning to enter the D course (the longest with mega-elevation) as a singlespeeder. However, I found out that my in-laws were coming and that we were going to be spending the week before the race on the road traveling through the Alps. In end, I took what I thought was the more intelligent optoin of the C course (68 km and 2600 vertical meters) geared.

As you can imagine, my eating and drinking were way off of my ‘normal’ diet (I’m a business English teacher and travel from company to company so I have no ‘normal’ days). In any case, I made an effort to keep drinking as much water as possible throughout the week previous to the race. By the end of the week, I knew that I had put on a pound or two but nothing out of the ordinary for vacation.

Smiling because I know I'm almost done

Now, day of the race. I got up early, drank a bottle of Carbo Rocket loaded water on the way down to the race, show up, get everything ready and go for a warmup ride. Everything felt good, in fact pretty damn good. While there, I ran into my teammate Christian and his wife Petra. That’s who I’m talking to while waiting for the start of the race. The race started 15 minutes late due to a farmer not wanting the bikes on his land at the last moment but then we were off. For a ‘neutral’ start we took off at about 30+ km/Hr and my hear rate instantly spiked.

My normal racing heart rate is between 155-165 and I was pushing 180. It was about this time that I started to realize that something was wrong. When we were let go and we hit the first climb it became blatently apparent that it was honestly going to be a shitty day and that my only two goals were to not quit and not end up DFL.

Within the first 10 km I started to cramp (I still don’t know why) and it just kind of went downhill from there. The rest of the day involved nursing cramping, fighting mud and people who can’t ride on singletrack and pushing up almost everything resembling an incline. Like I said… It sucked!

Finished..... and finished!

At the end of it all, I accomplished my two goals. I FINISHED and I wasn’t DFL. In fact, I finished 144th of 153 in my Under 50 class and 385th out of the 400 men that they timed. Way off of my previous C course time but I finished.

Thanks to Crema Cycles for setting me up with my awesome Indy Fab. Ti Deluxe 29’er, grips and more. Also thanks to Carbo Rocket for the hydration products and their new CR 333 which was the only thing which made me feel better throughout the day. Lastly, thanks also to FRM for the fanstatic rims and Geax for the tires.

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‘Heimspiel’ is German for ‘home game’: On the last two weekends we had two races in/around Munich. Since my last race a month ago I was able to do quite a bunch of riding with both the SSP and the shifted bike, mostly in the fantastic surrounding of the Bavarian Alps, so I was curious to see how it would work. Although I will probably never do a race without any mistakes (well, who will?), I would say I had a good time. This is a short version of how it went.


The first race was the Tegernsee Marathon. Other than last year I decided to go Singlespeed and signed up for the B-course. It was supposed to have 55 km and 1.390 vertical meters of climbing but they did some last minute changes because a farmer had blocked the passage through his territory. Well, I said something about making mistakes: I lined up way to close to the end of the field of 706 riders and therefore had to deal with a lot of traffic on the first climb and had to walk singletrack passages I could have ridden (which of course  is one of the most senseless things that can happen to you out on the bike). The rest was typically SSP-tactics: Overtaking on the climbs, being overtaken in the flat passages. When the race was over I had worked myself to place 351. Not too bad I guess.

Hello! Racing is about having a good time!

Big Wheel Racers chatting at the start line.


Last weekend we had the 24 Hours of Munich in the beautiful Olympic Park. My wife Petra and me did the race as part of a wonderful eight-person-team consisting of good friends from Munich, Stuttgart and Mannheim.Riders passing by our camp around midnight. Note the coolest team bus ever, provided by Urs from                                                                       Munich. Note also the guy in front: Troy Lee Helmet + Rocky Altitude from 1997 = coolass!

  My friend Bertram and me having a finisher beer.

It was hot and it was fun. Although you could easily ride that race track on a cross bike I love the course due to its beautiful surrounding and because of all the corners and bridges you cross. We had some good laps, we had some bad laps and we pushed each other with the lap times. 25 minutes 21 seconds was the fastest time physically and mentally possible for me, although that made me eat the same breakfast two times. I also had a beautiful nightshift during dawn.

 I also brought some of our sponsor’s products like these Sock Guys my wife was wearing.

Well, now I am somehow tired. I got a cold from my attempt to find some sleep in a canvas chair just after sunrise at the 24 hours and I still have heavy blisters on the feet from all the walking at Tegernsee. Maybe it is time for a bit of regeneration!


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CBM 2011 – Back in the saddle and doing well

The last downhill and feeling good

So, after nearly 9 months since my literally neck breaking accident, I’ve been training and now racing.

The first race of the year was the München City Bike Marathon. It just so happened that I was test riding (doing some of that now and contributing reviews to a well known 29’er website too) an On One Carbon Race 29’er (one of our co-sponsors). Since I had it and I’d also done this race on a singlespeed a few times previously, I decided to run with what I had. It turns out that it was a good idea which made the race a lot more fun. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have had a couple of teammates there to race with. I actually think that we could have done well.

As it turns out, I started strong and seemingly got stronger throughout the race. I kept getting into mtb pacelines (often a scary thing around here), riding with them for awhile and then moving forward to the next group. I couldn’t tell you how many times that occurred through the course of the race. In the end, I finished 195th overall out of over 700 people (including pros) and 65th of 200+ men in my category. It made me quite happy in the end.

Crossing the dam close to the beginning

It’s hard to tell here but I was sporting the new Geax AKA tires which are now my new favorite tire, FRM Wheels, other sponsor products which helped me do well are my awesome Sock Guy socks, uniform, CarboRocket sports nutrition, Specialized helmet and shoes. Thanks to all of you for the continuing support!

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Crema Cycles Rocks the Berlin Bike Show

One of our sponsors Crema Cycles was at the Berlin Bike Show this past week and in the coverage by Fahrrad (that’s a bike to you english speakers) News, Ken and our friend Basti where in the very first photo of the story.

Ken and Basti rockin' the Berlin Bike Show

You can see all of what Ken and Crema Cycles has on offer if you click on his name.

Plus, Crema Cycles is sponsoring a Short Track series. Here is one photo from the race in Berlin. See below.

Everything didn't go perfectly for some

Click here (Crema Short Track Series) or on the photo for the link.

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New Uniforms are here!

So… after waiting for awhile, the new uniforms are here. Done fantastically by our friend and sponsor they look great!

I’ll try to add a couple more photos tonight when I have time. I’ll also be starting to pack them up and ship them off to all the members.

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Growing and Changing in 2010

This post is loooooong overdue…

As some of you know, 2009 was a big year for us in many ways. We added a few new members from various parts of Europe. Those new members went on to do some pretty awesome events and also earn some damn impressive results along the way.

It looks as though 2010 is going to be equally as exciting in that we’ve added some new members and some more are reported to be joining as well. We’ll announce them as soon we are able.

For now, our new members are:

Eric Fogg (Phils son) – Germany

David Kleinjan – Holland by way of New Zealand

Wilfred Beaumes- France

Romain Colletgiusto – France

Christian Voelkl – Austria


As far as sponsors go, we’ve made a couple of changes and also kept many of our 2009 sponsors as well.

We LOVE our sponsors. Thanks in advance for helping us have a great year!

New for us for 2010 are:

Independent Fabrications Germany

Carbo Rocket

… and back for another year are…




Sock Guy (via our American team)

Specialized (via our American team)

We have people competing in some really great events for this year (i.e. The Great Divid Race, SiS, 24 Hours of Finale and so many more). Our goal on this blog is to keep our friends, family and sponsors updated on our activities. We’ll do our best to accomplish same. So, keep checking back for updates.

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Carbo Rocket… a new sponsor!

I’m a bit late to the party posting this one, but I suppose late is better than nothing.

Carbo Logo

Carbo Rocket is a relative new-commer to the Sports food market but I’ve been watching Brads company since he started awhile back. It’s been fun and cool to see a one man operation turn in to the supplier to a few pro teams and we, of course, wish him continued success. That, in part, is why I wanted to see if Brad would be interested in sponsoring BWR Europe. He enthusiastically agreed to join us. Woopee!

Direct from the Carbo Rocket web page comes this discription….

What Is CarboRocket?

Athletes don’t jog, they sprint up trails and run marathons; they don’t beach cruise, they mountain bike up 14’ers. It becomes mind over matter when the body begins to pull back. To sustain extreme physical activity the body needs to be properly fueled and hydrated.

The current sports drink market is saturated with chemical-filled, poor-tasting beverages. CarboRocket is the next generation of sports drinks.  The latest sports science research combined with the best tasting, all-natural, proven ingredients makes CarboRocket the perfect alternative for hydration and nutrition needs.


So… if you have an interest in Carbo Rocket jet (yes, pun intended) over to his web site and get some of this great stuff! Let him know how you like it and where you heard about it.

Thanks Brad and Carbo Rocket for your support!

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New Sponsor: Supernova

We are proud to announce a new sponsor: Supernova Lights

This year we will also try their E3 fantastic Lamp together with Hub Dynamos, either by Shimano or SON to try lightning alternatives for 24h races. As soon as the first sets are installed, you will read more.


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New sponsor: FRM

We have found another sponsor for our team:  FRM Lightweight Parts. In 2008 I have got already a set of the new 29er rims (XMD 29er) for testing and since then I have done quite some miles on them. Right after lacing they suffered a riding week around half of Lake Garda, where I unfortunately killed the front rim in an accident (my mistake). The rear rim however is on the bike since June 08 and it is still their, after Marathon races, touring and riding. Just lastlast week I hammered it again over the volcano trails of La Palma. Still no problem so far.  To complement the rear rim I have put a FRM crankset on the bike and laced a Lefty front wheel with a FRM hub, both of them riding fine and smooth without problems yet.  More parts are to come soon. Check their products on

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