New Member!

Hi all, with this post, or link to my page @ the BWR Europe website, I’d like to introduce myself to all people out there.

My name is Jelle Tienstra I have been promoting the big wheel thing for quite some years now and I hope with my membership of Big Wheel Racing Europe I will help to make more and more racers aware of the possibilities of 29-ers.

I will also be a sponsor for the team with my site and shop @ .

Here some more info on me!

For 2010 I will participate in the National Bergrace Offroad competition, some local competitions, the Dutch and European Singlespeed Champs, Schlaflos Im Sattel and I hope some Marathons in Germany and Belgium. I will ride the races on a Singlespeed 29-er, first on a Gary Fisher Superfly (pic below), and later, when available, on a Niner Air9 Carbon.

The first race will be this weekend, so a report on that later!

Hope to see you all out there at some event or just in the wild!

Bergrace Oosterbeek 2009


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One response to “New Member!

  1. As always… Jelle is smiling.

    Something that I’m quite proud of with our team is that each member of the team is a great person (yes, even you Ed… in spite of trying to convince people otherwise). By that I mean that I’m quite proud to have all of you as a part of the team.

    Thanks for being you guys!

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