Marco riding like the wind


Marco Nicoletti made his way to Butte, around one third into the legendary Tour Divide from Banff, Canada to the Mexican boarder. Marco, we’re all having an eye on your data and in case you read this: Fucking great job man, go on and ride, ride, ride!

[Photo taken by Gunnar Fehlau, thanks mate!]



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2 responses to “Marco riding like the wind

  1. cfoe

    Update: Unfortunately Marco had to quit due to an injury. Here his crazy statistics for the first days:

    day 1: 326×4100
    day 2: 332×3870
    day 3: 195×3000
    day 4: 234×4060
    day 5: 211×3250
    day 6: 62×250, poi lo stop…

    Marco, great job, incerdible six days that nobody can take away from you anymore. Keep them in mind and have a safe trip home!

  2. Sorry to see you drop Marco, you were doinf so well. Hope you have a fast recovery.

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