New member: Welcome Mathias!


Born 1979 in West Berlin,lived my life without Sports to the day everything changed. Near my 29th birthday, this time i lived in Spain, i decided to change something radical. Went back to good old Germany (South-West / Pfälzerwald), i met my wife and my son and settled down.

Bought my first Mountainbike (26)….. yes thats it. The Nature, the Speed and the Sport of course the Adrenaline. My first Marathon (Wasgau/Lemberg) in 2009, it rained the hole way but it was great. The Situation was clear, Marathon, thats my thing.+++BREAKING NEWS+++APRIL 2012+++BOUGHT A SIMPLON RAZERBLADE 29+++BREAKING NEWS++++ Trying to be on all local Events and since last year also the interesting ones farer away.


P.S. by Christian: I really need to find out how to put all the members above in one category, since the header gets fuller in fuller the more the team grows (which is great). As soon as I found out I will add you there Mathias…


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