Big Wheelers at the Singlespeed World Championships


Wow, it’s already two weeks ago that we have been to the 2013 SSWC in the Aosta Valley, Italy. We had a really cool weekend there, extremely nice bunch of people and some great riding. An SSWC course facing such impressive mountains and glaciers will really have its place in our little racing history. Thanks a lot, Marco “Yoda” Nicoletti (teammate and SSWC chief organizer) for all your efforts to put to together this great event.

We had a really strong BWR group present. The above picture shows, from right to left: Ausilia, Sheldon, Rick, Michaela, Seba, André, Phil and Christian. Jelle is somehow missing, if I remember correctly he took the picture, and Marco is missing as well. At that time he was busy steeling 200 wheels.

And it’s time again to thank our sponsors: Geax tires took us round the challenging 32-k-course safely, Supernova made sure we had a little sun with us during Friday’s nightride, Osprey  and Biciclista made us look so sexy.

And here’s a video by Sheldon, showing some of the best parts of the race.


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