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Rider: Mat Haussener, Switzerland
1 big Loop, 60 km, Average Speed: 23.66 km/h
3th Place, 50sec behind winner of age category
31th Place overall, 16min 47sec behind winner Christoph Sauser

Hey, I was glad to be on the podium!

The first two guys were always in reach, but I was not able to close the gap alone on this superfast course.

After a poor start I was always in a group racing for 3rd. I felt so good and my legs where turning pretty well.
Not like Monte Generoso Marathon last weekend where I reached 7. place after 3 flat tires I had absolutely no problems with the bike here.
About 20km before we reached the finish line a thunderstorm made us wet and of course the downhill sections very slippery.
The last view kilometers were the fastest of all. With my Superfly and good legs I could break away from the group and reached the finishline alone.



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