Veringendorf Marathon: Muddy Sunday


Last weekend I went to the Schwäbische Alb to do the 55-km Marathon in Veringendorf together with my buddy Michael from Stuttgart. It was supposed to be his first race ever. The Marathon there has quite a good distance to start with. Not only for racing in general but also for a new season after a long winter. After thinking about it for a long time I decided to take the shifted bike, which should allow me to ride together with Michael. It turned out to be a good decision due to the circumstances.


The night before it had rained quite a lot and it only stopped close to the start. In combination with the loamy ground (German “lehmig”, I’m not sure about this in English – you get it guys?) this was to cost me more than 30 minutes compared to my race time last year. At one point I had to stop and clear the tires because my front wheel refused to turn while pushing the bike over a grass passage. However, apart from all the mud my race was really allright. I found quite a good pace in the beginning and was able to keep it to the finish after around 3:15 hours. Really a fun day – it felt so good to have a number plate on the bike again and I am really happy that I did and finished the race despite the conditions.

Kopf hoch, Arsch in den Sattel,




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2 responses to “Veringendorf Marathon: Muddy Sunday

  1. Well done! It always feels good after you finish a tough one like this one.

  2. phillipfogg

    Good job Christian!

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