Grenzsteintrophy Scouting

GST Scouting


This past Sunday, the 21st of April I did some scouting for this year’s Grenzsteintrophy selfsupported race. The route has been revised and refined since 2011; with the goal of making it a bit more rideable and enjoyable. If that’s at all possible for a multi-day self-supported race. Up until 2011 the followed almost 100% of the old patrol roads from the East German border guards. They consist of cement slabs that are about 10 feet long and 3 to 4 feet wide, have four rows of slots that are 8 inches long and 2.8 wide. This means you have a path that is littered with pot holes, kind of like a wash boarded road. So the idea behind the re-route was to eliminate most of the worse sections of the “Plattenweg” as they’re called in German. There is still quite a bit though because they are part of the experience.

I parked the car at 835 meters; this meant that I’d have to climb back up later in the day.  Scouting an area for rideable dirt and gravel roads sounds easy but it’s not. I went down three dead ends before I found a good dirt road that didn’t end in nirvana. The morning temps were a bit cool but I had enough warm clothes to wear. The gradually warmed up and I shed layers as the day progressed.

One of the places I was suppose to take my track through was the Statue Park outside of the little town of Eussenhausen. Interesting memorial.


Then I found some single track, barely rideable with a fully loaded bike. That will keep the other GST’ers on their toes!


I fineally ended my days scouting in the Bavarian town of Melchstadt. Then I had to ride back to the car, only 30 km but a 400 meter climb at the end. It wasn’t too bad though, I had my mtb with gears. On a fully loaded singlespeed it would have been a pusher.

Stats for the day; 100 km, 1600 vert. meters.

A great day to out riding. More to follow. ImageImageImage




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  1. cfoe

    Great Phil! I really want to do that race one time. 2015 might be a realistic option 🙂

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