News from Jelle


Jelle is a champion! He’s rocking the Cyclocross races in Holland:

“This winter we are doing our second annual Singlespeed CX series here in the Netherlands. Last year we started this, and only a small forum incrowd used to turn up, this year we started slowly, with 4 people in the first race, about 15 in the second race and today we had 22 persons riding the 3rd race. It is very nice to see this little thing grow, we have quite some new faces joining in, so our singlespeed racing population is growing!

The first two races I made it to the highest place on the podium, and today I was ready to do it again, although under normal circumstances I am not able to beat him… Last race his chain ran off, and today he was ready for revenge, in a Belgium Skinsuit and all!

The course was brutal, we started with a Killer walking climb and then there was lot of icy, slippery, wet, axle deep mud and Ice slush all over the course. A had a good start and managed to follow the guy setting the pace. On a steering error on his part I could overtake, and never looked back. My biggest rival got a flat and was not able to finish the ride. I kept everything rolling and crossed the line first, again!

Next ride will be end of January, as part of a ‘normal’ cross event, not sure if we will mingle with the gearies, or have our own race. Both will be nice.”



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3 responses to “News from Jelle

  1. Great job Jelle! You’re looking and racing mighty fiercely.

  2. Sheldon

    You’re looking comfortable there mate, a bit cold was it? Doing a great job though.

  3. phillipfogg

    Awesome Jelle! Way to kick a..! 🙂

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