Untold Stories

Mountainbike season is over, we either changed to Cyclocrss racing or are concentrating on what we can do second best – eating and having a tiny little beer once in a while. This is exactly the right moment to take a look back on what has happened over the summer. We have reported about some things here on the weblog, but still there are a a few highlights missing.

Ausilia Vistarini did her first race for BWR at the WEMBO 24 hour solo worldchampionships in Finale Ligure, Italy, in May. As nearly always, she won! Congratulations again, you’re a world chamption now – incredible job! Riding singlespeed solo on a 24 hour race is very impressive. Becoming world champion is even more.

Ausilia becoming World Champion

Michael “Wunnspeed” Cleveland and Phil Fogg attended the legendary self support and nonstop adventure Tour Divide Race from Banff, Canada, to the Mexican Boarder. We were following their race in the social media through heat and storm, over the Rocky Mountains and into the dessert. After doing a great job out in the Wilderness for many days Phil unfortunately had to quit – at a point where most of us have never gone to. Congrats for all those wild miles! Mike could keep riding however and after 33 days he had a very special birthday present for his 50th anniversary: He reached the Mexican Boarder and finished the race. Congratulations to you from the whole team! BTW: Both Mike and Phil rode singlespeed. Of course.

Mike – somewhere

Phil – somewhere else

What our teammate André Martignoni did during the all-night race “Schlaflos im Sattel” in Germany was pure Punk Rock. Riding over a hundred miles in a completely constant pace pushed him way up the ranking. I can remember how he passed me close to the top of the course’s first climb, close to six in the morning, shortly before the end of the race. While most others had switched to relax mode right before finish, André was giving all he had to pull out another lap before they were closing the course a couple of minutes later. Screaming some heroic stuff he was flying down the trail and, well, managed another lap, his 14th if  I remember correctly. Winner Kalle Kimpel managed 15 I think, which shows how great André did that night. Martin (Longo) participated in the winner team of the four person category from Schweinfurt and as I remember Jelle’s Dutchie Train also did great and ended up somewhere on the podium.

André right before the start

What Ausilia, Phil, Mike and André did is simply in another league compared to my own riding. However, there is still one really cool race I haven’t told about: The Pfälzer Wald Bike Marathon. Two weeks after Schlaflos im Sattel it took place on probably the best race course I ever had the honour to ride. It was hot (38 degrees), it was dusty, the whole thing was ONE giant singletrack and it was fun. Together with our friends from the singlespeed scene Lomo, Bertram and Hermann we declared it the “Official Palantine Marathon Singlespeed Championship”. On aid station two, where our motivation already had switched to survival mode, we discussed the ranking together and after around 6 hours 15 minutes I finally reached the finish line. The best part of the race was probably the last hour were Lomo and me really kicked some ass :-).

Lomo, Hermann and me re-hydrating

Good night,



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  1. Fantastic ride and post Christian!

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