Winter Base Miles in Greece and Germany

Just thought I would share a few photos of my winter rides so far.  I kicked off the off-season with 2 weeks in greece over xmas where it was colder than in Germany, but sunny.  I managed to get in a handful of rides in the hills on the 3-speed steel Hercules.  I forgot my pedals so i just rode with flat work boots.  I love riding in Greece.








The rides in Greece set me up to feel good start of January and I have been in Berlin finding new off road routes with my GPS and base data.  The weather is grey and its sometimes hard to tell which way is north but the gps opened up the new routes imported on the google map below.  Just trying to put in as much as I can and looking forward to the CremaCycles shorttrack in Berlin!



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2 responses to “Winter Base Miles in Greece and Germany

  1. Greece seems like it might be a really cool place to go play in the mountains. Hence, my interest in the Trans Hellas in October. I like the map. Nice work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    The Velomap thing is cool. I have tried for ages to understand how to cobble the maps together but it’s especially hard on a Mac for some unknown reason. Seems no one makes the software to make this easy which I find strange.

  2. Cool, trans hellas looks nice and yes the riding is least in the north. you should be in good form for that after sis. its a bear riding it in an old 3 speed though, some things are just too steep to ride without a proper geared bike. if you have a garmin gps unit, you might try downloading the Garmin BaseCamp application, that is where i download free open source base data to and send selected tracks and base data to the gps. its pretty slick.

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