‘Heimspiel’ is German for ‘home game’: On the last two weekends we had two races in/around Munich. Since my last race a month ago I was able to do quite a bunch of riding with both the SSP and the shifted bike, mostly in the fantastic surrounding of the Bavarian Alps, so I was curious to see how it would work. Although I will probably never do a race without any mistakes (well, who will?), I would say I had a good time. This is a short version of how it went.


The first race was the Tegernsee Marathon. Other than last year I decided to go Singlespeed and signed up for the B-course. It was supposed to have 55 km and 1.390 vertical meters of climbing but they did some last minute changes because a farmer had blocked the passage through his territory. Well, I said something about making mistakes: I lined up way to close to the end of the field of 706 riders and therefore had to deal with a lot of traffic on the first climb and had to walk singletrack passages I could have ridden (which of course  is one of the most senseless things that can happen to you out on the bike). The rest was typically SSP-tactics: Overtaking on the climbs, being overtaken in the flat passages. When the race was over I had worked myself to place 351. Not too bad I guess.

Hello! Racing is about having a good time!

Big Wheel Racers chatting at the start line.


Last weekend we had the 24 Hours of Munich in the beautiful Olympic Park. My wife Petra and me did the race as part of a wonderful eight-person-team consisting of good friends from Munich, Stuttgart and Mannheim.Riders passing by our camp around midnight. Note the coolest team bus ever, provided by Urs from                                                                       Munich. Note also the guy in front: Troy Lee Helmet + Rocky Altitude from 1997 = coolass!

  My friend Bertram and me having a finisher beer.

It was hot and it was fun. Although you could easily ride that race track on a cross bike I love the course due to its beautiful surrounding and because of all the corners and bridges you cross. We had some good laps, we had some bad laps and we pushed each other with the lap times. 25 minutes 21 seconds was the fastest time physically and mentally possible for me, although that made me eat the same breakfast two times. I also had a beautiful nightshift during dawn.

 I also brought some of our sponsor’s products like these Sock Guys my wife was wearing.

Well, now I am somehow tired. I got a cold from my attempt to find some sleep in a canvas chair just after sunrise at the 24 hours and I still have heavy blisters on the feet from all the walking at Tegernsee. Maybe it is time for a bit of regeneration!



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