Growing and Changing in 2010

This post is loooooong overdue…

As some of you know, 2009 was a big year for us in many ways. We added a few new members from various parts of Europe. Those new members went on to do some pretty awesome events and also earn some damn impressive results along the way.

It looks as though 2010 is going to be equally as exciting in that we’ve added some new members and some more are reported to be joining as well. We’ll announce them as soon we are able.

For now, our new members are:

Eric Fogg (Phils son) – Germany

David Kleinjan – Holland by way of New Zealand

Wilfred Beaumes- France

Romain Colletgiusto – France

Christian Voelkl – Austria


As far as sponsors go, we’ve made a couple of changes and also kept many of our 2009 sponsors as well.

We LOVE our sponsors. Thanks in advance for helping us have a great year!

New for us for 2010 are:

Independent Fabrications Germany

Carbo Rocket

… and back for another year are…




Sock Guy (via our American team)

Specialized (via our American team)

We have people competing in some really great events for this year (i.e. The Great Divid Race, SiS, 24 Hours of Finale and so many more). Our goal on this blog is to keep our friends, family and sponsors updated on our activities. We’ll do our best to accomplish same. So, keep checking back for updates.


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