First race, one lap to far..

Well, you may have read it in Dave’s report, did finish, but wit a terrible last 1.5 lap. Last year I started fighting the cramp monster with the powders and gels, which worked well over the year. This year I took what I took last year, drank a lot, but ‘forgot’ to eat. Well, I just did not find the time to eat, as the pace was (to?) fast, and i had to keep spinning my 39:21 gearing to be able to hold on to the guys I was riding with.

The plan was to get to the front fast, find a fast group to ride with and just see where it would go. Actually I felt quite good, passing lots of riders in the first 3-4 laps, and keeping a good pace, riding at around place 100 of the 260 rider field. I was aware of Dave behind me, but that never made me ride different, as I was confident of myself… Untill the feeling we all know started in my left upper leg, which immediatly made me drop from the group while starting to empy a gel and my Camel bak. To late. After some slow riding and a ‘Snelle Jelle’ I started to recover but then I already lost about 30 places, and 4 minutes in 1 lap on Dave. Gladly I made enough time on the next singlespeeder, so I managed to finish as 3rd singlespeeder.

I was happy with my result, learned my lesson again, and found out I am fast enough and have a good base for the rest of the season. Road season will start again wednesday, time to log some more K’s!

Big respect for David, riding the way he did and then riding home, head wind and on that tiny gearing through the Dutch plains..


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  1. Nice job Jelle! Nothing to complain about with a 3rd place finish… ever!

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