A pair of Finals

The US Forces Europe mountainbike championships were held at Hoenfels on Saturday, and unfortunately for me it consisted of more walking and changing tubes than actual racing, only completing 3 of the 7 laps before I succumbed to my 3rd DNF of my career, 2nd this month.  So Sunday I vowed redemption.


Sunday’s race was the mitteldeutschland cup finals held near Wunsiedal.  All the short XC specialists showed up.  77 men lined up, with 30 of them being called up due to their series standings.  I started about 50 back, and long story short, never did move up.  Probably one of the hardest 5km loops I’ve seen in a XC race.  What was awesome was I was given the number 29 plate, and being the only 29er in the group, it seemed fitting.  I would have kept it but would have cost me 15 bucks in a security deposit.




So this marks the end of the mtb season for me.  My first year racing in Europe has been a tremendous experience, and hopefully next year we can pick up where we left off.  I hope everyone has a great off-season and look forward to seeing everyone out there next spring.




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4 responses to “A pair of Finals

  1. Nice job with the first year racing in Europe!! 🙂

  2. Marty

    Cool, now on to cross!!!

  3. Great job man! One day, it would be cool to actually meet you as you are one of the closest teammates to me and we’ve never met. Bizarre!

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