Carbo Rocket… a new sponsor!

I’m a bit late to the party posting this one, but I suppose late is better than nothing.

Carbo Logo

Carbo Rocket is a relative new-commer to the Sports food market but I’ve been watching Brads company since he started awhile back. It’s been fun and cool to see a one man operation turn in to the supplier to a few pro teams and we, of course, wish him continued success. That, in part, is why I wanted to see if Brad would be interested in sponsoring BWR Europe. He enthusiastically agreed to join us. Woopee!

Direct from the Carbo Rocket web page comes this discription….

What Is CarboRocket?

Athletes don’t jog, they sprint up trails and run marathons; they don’t beach cruise, they mountain bike up 14’ers. It becomes mind over matter when the body begins to pull back. To sustain extreme physical activity the body needs to be properly fueled and hydrated.

The current sports drink market is saturated with chemical-filled, poor-tasting beverages. CarboRocket is the next generation of sports drinks.  The latest sports science research combined with the best tasting, all-natural, proven ingredients makes CarboRocket the perfect alternative for hydration and nutrition needs.


So… if you have an interest in Carbo Rocket jet (yes, pun intended) over to his web site and get some of this great stuff! Let him know how you like it and where you heard about it.

Thanks Brad and Carbo Rocket for your support!


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