SIS 2009

Looks like rain...because it is!

Looks like rain...because it is!

He always comes out smiling!

He always comes out smiling!

WOW! Is all I can I say about SIS 2009. This year was my first time in Weidenthal, and man was it AWESOME!  Lots of 29er’s, singlespeeder’s, freaks, a recumbent and a unicycle!

For me, riding at night is something new and strange. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was about to find out what it means to check out your gear BEFORE a night race.

The first lap was cool, I passed the guy on the recumbent, that guy was brave to ride that thing off-road. Lights were really not needed on the first lap but it was mandatory. On the Second though it was dark and lights were a must. About a third of the way through the second lap my light went out, I had no back-up so I was in the dark! Luckily I was able to ride with Andreas from Düsseldorf, Germany, and he brought me safely through to the pits. After my second light was mounted I took off full of confidence for my fourth lap. On the first downhill section the light slipped down and I had to keep adjusting it so I could see. At one point it came off the bars! I was riding one handed, one on the light and one on the bars! Back at the start/finished area my son Eric taped the snot out the mounting bracket so it wouldn’t slip. The battery for the other light was charged by this time, so that was also mounted and off I went into the fourth lap with two functional lights!

After that the time just flew by and the race was over. I was pretty tired and hungry for something other than powerbar or nutella bread.

I’ll be back next year for sure! My son is also now infected with the SIS virus, he wants to race next year. I’m already thinking about better and more reliable lights, like a Supernova E-3 with a dynamo hub. I have one year to get it ready! J



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  1. Looks like you had a great time out there! Bummer on the lights. Way to go prepping your son for the team! 😉

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