12 Hrs. Of Külsheim July 18, 2009


The face of determination


Tougher than it looks



Around the puddle

Around the puddle

This was a brand new experience for as I’ve never done anyting like this before. So needless to say I was kind of nervous.

I arrived on Friday evening about the time as Michael and Kira Cleveland who drove up from München. We had never meet in person before but I felt like I already knew Michael since we’ve corresponded over the internet for the past eight months.

On Friday night it rained and rained, sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning it stopped. The damage was done though, the course was thoroughly soaked and promised to be a muddy event, oh well, maybe my single would be the best choice for the conditions.

I didn’t sleep very well the night before, uneven ground, shitty ground pad and around five in the morning a screaming baby.

After a quick breakfast and a hectic preparation the race was underway. I started as usual way to fast and tried riding up everything. Lucky for me though I slowed myself down and just rode an even pace. I didn’t think that would last more than four or five hours but I just went on auto pilot and rode and rode. Kind of like a trance, the time just flew by! Then it started to rain and the course went bad, it had almost dried out. Two of the downhills were like mud chutes; it was a controlled (sometimes) downhill slide for the riders. After ten hours the race was called, I don’t think anyone was unhappy about that decision.

Even though the Geax Saguaros are not mud tires they still hooked up good in all but the worst mud, they roll really fast and aren’t not prone to flats like the racing Ralph’s. My Ergon grips kept my hands from going numb after ten hours of riding, very comfortable grips.

I finished the race in sixth place out 32 starters; I think Marty and I were the only single speeders riding solo. It was a great time and I’m looking forward to SIS in August.



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4 responses to “12 Hrs. Of Külsheim July 18, 2009

  1. Great job Phil! Placing 6th in your first ever 12….er, 10 hour is fantastic!

  2. Nice job, Phil! I like your Euro BWR kits. 🙂

  3. illes

    Hello! Congratulations! Look forward for the fifth and so on…

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