Stöckli Bike Marathon

Well between the early June races at Estavayer or Mendrisio and the bigger marathons to come in July and August, there is always end of june the Stöckli Bike Marathon.  Its no race, no time measurement, but everything else like fun and good times outdoor. This year we had quite some mud, so it was really funny. Overall it was a good shape test for the summer and the first opportunity to wear the new shirts. They are just great!

Here is a picture I have found there:, please just neglect the 26″ bike on the left  😉 My 29er was never that full of dirt…



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2 responses to “Stöckli Bike Marathon

  1. Nice write-up Jochen. Sounds like you had fun and represented us well as always.

  2. Napfgeist

    “My 29er was never that full of dirt..” because you have been to fast down the hills! Well done..

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