City Bike Marathon ’09 Justin


The race went well until the end, where it didn’t go as planned.  I lined up with 350+ racers for the 87km race inside the Munich Olympic stadium.  The pace from the gun was high, indicative of the flat race ahead.  We raced through the city for a few kilometers until we hit the dirt/gravel bike path following a river.  At one point in the city, a polizei car in front of us just stopped in the middle, giving riders only a few meters on either side to pass.  This almost caused serious carnage, and as guys went around, they would slap the car, knocked the side mirrors in, and cursed, shocking how little respected the polizei seem to be.

I worked my way up through the field, pulling sometimes more than I should have, but once I yelled at a few of the BMW team guys who had found a home on my wheel, they seemed more than happy to continue the pace setting.  Only one short climb before we made it back to Olympia Park, where a number of short punchy climbs awaited.  We finished a maze around the park, utilizing I think every sidewalk/bike path in the area, and then shot us back into the stadium.  This is where things went wrong.

Apparently at that point, we were around 82 kilometers, with 5 or so to go.   At the entrance stood a post with a little sign indicating left blahblahblah, and right something “runde”, or lap.  I figured right meant for the second lap, or second time, and to back up my belief, I followed a guy I had been working with to the left.  WRONG!  Around the track we went as 400m sprinters through the finish line.  Within seconds kids were cutting off the transponder from the bike, time had stopped, end of the race, disqualified.

Originally I wasn’t mentioned in the results, but yesterday I magically appeared in 95th with a time of 2:50.  There must have been quite a few including Michael that suffered this same fate, so they figured they would throw us in there somewhere.

The food spread at the end was remarkable, from giant pretzels, sandwiches, cobbler, Weizen beer (alcohol free), crumb cake, fruits and so on.  This is the first time I had to pay for parking at a race, 3.50 euro.


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