GEAX Barro Race Tire review by Justin


I have been riding a set of Geax Barro Race foldable 29” tires for the past month, rocking them on pavement, mud, sand, and wet roots .  The GEAX Barro Race has very low tread and the width is just shy of 2.0.  The sidewalls are very thin, but with the advertised weight of 425 grams, there isn’t going to be much there.  I mounted these tubeless onto a set of Stan’s 355 rims yellow taped with minimal exertion and fuss.

The Barro Race has a little vibration feedback when on pavement, but unnoticeable on everything else.  The tire has excellent traction on most everything when running 25-28 psi, corners very well especially when thrown into the turn allowing the lower outside knobs to grab, and provides ample confidence in rooty downhills.  This tire is the easy choice for fairly dry race courses no matter the terrain based on its light weight and the rider confidence it instills.


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