Getting it together… like a solo racer.

As the only “official” member of Big Wheel Racing Europe, it’s up to me to work on getting a line-up of racers for ’09 and to start off the search for sponsors. Phew! Once that enormous task is complete, then everything heads off to some company, as yet unknown, to make the uniforms.

I’ve done this quite a few times in the past with MSRacing, Midwest Cyclery the reorganized and combined KCOI/Boulevard team and more. With the other teams, I had a lot of great help. At this point, I’m kind of having to go it alone. That means I have to translate resumes as best I can, search and ask people in various languages (mostly English or Deutsch), etc.

Big wheels are few and far between in Germany, although, not so much in the rest of Europe. For that reason, I feel it’d be a great opportunity for any interested sponsor to show their “Big Wheel” related products to the European racing community.

In my little head, I have a list of people that I’ll probably be starting with for both racers and sponsors. However, like I said before, if you’re looking for a quality (and fun) group of people to race and ride your 29’er or 700c wheels with, drop me a line. If you’re an interested sponsor also please drop me an email. I’m revising the Team info. from the States to fit our needs but I can get it out to you ASAP.


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  1. Good luck amigo!

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